Thursday, December 13, 2012

The 12 Days of Christmas

Tonight is the night!
If you want to do the 12 days of Christmas to someone you need to start tonight. This will make the last gift be on Christmas Eve. This is such a fun activity to do to a friend or family that you know may need a little cheering up this holiday season or just to do to make their day. Two ways to do this:
1. Drop off all 12 gifts tonight in one big basket and have 
them open one each day.
2. Or the funnest thing to do even as a family is to drop
 one off each night and hide. 
Every night the friend or family gets more and more excited to see what surprise is going to come next! We had someone do this to our family 
when I was little and it was so fun to try and find out who it was every night. Of course we never could catch them, but it was so fun. 
This doesn't have to be anything big and expensive. 
The dollar store works great, but it is just something to make someones else's season a little bit brighter!
Here are some ideas if you can't come up with any on your own.
You can use all of them or pick and choose and come up with some of your own.

1. On the 1st Day of Christmas we are just dropping by to share a little "light" 
    with you that will remind you of the light of Christ this holiday season. 
2. On the 2nd Day of Christmas we thought we would help out, to keep the 
    dishes down this season so you can party more and make a shout. 
    (paper plates/napkins/cups)
3. On the 3rd Day of Christmas we brought to you some "treats" to let you  
    know you are great neighbors and that you are so sweet!
    (treats of your choice)
4. On the 4th Day of Christmas we're bringing you something to hang and your 
    tree and make it shine.
5. On the 5th Day of Christmas we just wanted to share our Christmas "Joy" 
    with you.
    (Dishtowel from Wal-Mart in the Christmas section only 99 cents)
6. On the 6th Day of Christmas we thought we'd bring you some "decor" to 
    decorate your house for Christmas a little more.
    (small Christmas decoration)
7. On the 7th Day of Christmas we brought you something warm and sweet to 
    let you know that you are "Kneaded" by friends and family who you meet.
    (Bread homemade or bought)
8. On the 8th Day of Christmas it's getting colder outdoors, so we brought you 
    something to "keep you warm" - relax, sit down and take your feet off the 
    (Hot chocolate)
9. On the 9th Day of Christmas we brought you a "game" so you can spend  
    some time to laugh and play. 
    (game/cards/board game)
10. On the 10th Day of Christmas the new year is coming near, so here is 
    some help to keep you all straightened out and clear. 
    (2013 Calender/planner)
11. On the 11th Day of Christmas we thought we would bring, something to  
    remind you of the "Shepard's" that saw the baby King.
    (Candy Canes)
12. On the 12th Day of Christmas we brought to you are friends, the most 
     important thing to remember Christ our Savior and what he did. Merry 
     Christmas and have a wonderful Holiday Season!
     (mini Nativity set)
Picture from
Ideas from Great Tastes Tuesdays

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This is really cute! I'm going to have to remember this for next year!


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