Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hot Pads!

I received a set of these from a friend when I graduated high school!
I still have them and they are my most favorite 
hot pads to use in the kitchen!
I have been looking for the instructions to make them and I finally 
found them. I have been working on some this past week and they are a lot of fun to make. They are pretty simple and don't take too long to make. 
This could be a fun Christmas gift, birthday gift, wedding gift, graduation gift, or any kind of gift you want it to be. Have fun making it!

Instructions for a Fun Christmas Gift!

This makes one pair.

  • Enough fabric to cut four 4"x7" rectangles and four 4"x 2 1/2" rectangles; half a fat quarter would be more than sufficient
They can be all the same fabric or all different, depending on your preference.
  • Cotton batting - about 1/4 yard
  • Insul-Bright - enough for two 4"x7" rectangles
  • Binding/bias tape - about 1 yard of 1" single fold (or 1/2" double fold)

1.  For each PAIR of hot pads, you'll want to cut:
2 BODY pieces from Fabric 1
2 BODY pieces from Fabric 2
2 BODY pieces from Insul-Bright
4 BODY pieces from Batting
2 POCKET pieces from Fabric 1
2 POCKET pieces from Fabric 2
2 POCKET pieces from Batting

Here are pictures of the pieces for just one pad.  
IMG_12160 by you.         IMG_12162 by you.

Take one of each of the POCKET pieces.  Place the fabric RIGHT sides together.  Then take one piece of batting and place on bottom.

Stitch along the straight edge, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

Turn the right sides out, and press.

Top stitch along the bottom, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.  Set aside.
IMG_12167 by you.

Make a sandwich of BODY pieces in the following order:
Fabric - right side DOWN
Fabric - right side UP

Quilt together.  You can do this however you prefer - straight lines, criss-cross, swirls, circles, etc.  You may want to trim the edges after quilting.

Baste the pocket piece along one end of the body. 
IMG_12168 by you.      IMG_12192 by you.

Apply your binding. 

Here it what it looks like after you sew all the way around with the binding unfolded:
IMG_12198 by you.           IMG_12200 by you.

The key is, when you're folding the binding over and stitching the second time, you want it to be folded over just enough to catch the back edge, but you don't want it folded so far over that you end up with a flap, like this.
IMG_12207 by you.        IMG_12209 by you.

After folding it over, pin it like crazy.

Once that's done, you have hot pads!  
IMG_12184 by you.

From: http://craftyasiangirl.blogspot.com/2009/12/hot-pads-tutorial.html and greatastestuesdays

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