Friday, April 26, 2013

Invite A Guest Friday 4/26/2013

Here is our Guest for Invite A Guest Friday!
I love this post! It is so fun and so great to see other peoples ideas out there! This is a tutorial on making a Quiet Book! Go check more out at

I made these last, and I must admit - they are mostly for myself.  I was inspired by THIS quilt a long time ago and have been dying to try out the technique for awhile now.  I figured the extra texture would be perfect for my cover.  Next time I will use higher quality flannel, though.  I think it will fray better.

Name Pages:
Those Ns and Xs were especially hard to sew by machine.  Too bad each of my kids has one in their names!  :)  I also added ribbon to the zippers to make them easier to grab.

I added a tiny bit of batting to the shapes to make them a little puffier. 

I used Pellon extra firm non-fusible interfacing for my pages (copying "Serving Pink Lemonade"). 

I was mostly inspired by THIS barn.  Pattern for this page can be found HERE.  Those are little finger puppets hiding inside. 

I was going to make up my own house, but then I ended up copying THIS one because I liked it the best.  The windows and doors open up to reveal a member of our family.

This one was the simplest page to make.  Just slide the beads on the ribbon.  Inspiration HERE.

I came up with this one all on my own!  I didn't want to buy special vinyl just for this project, especially since I only needed a tiny amount, so I made my own using packing tape!  It didn't hold up to the sewing machine on round one, so I tried again using liberal amounts of hot glue.
It's filled with rice, 3D stickers of woodland creatures and cars (with tape on the back to keep them from sticking to things), beads, and some buttons.
p.s. What does that shape look like to you?  It's supposed to by a magnifying glass, but I suppose a backwards Q (for "question") would work too...

Inspiration/Pattern found HERE.  Luckily, I didn't have to sew that tree down, thanks to my Heat N Bond.  :)

There are pieces in the pocket for...



and Winter (The snow clumps were my own addition.  Around here our trees aren't just bare in the winter, they are heavy laden with snow.)

Inspired by THIS post (pattern included).  I considered making THIS one, but decided against it.  The rocket slides along the ribbon.

Tiffany at Fish:
I think my original inspiration for the fish was THIS post, and then THIS one.
I originally made the fish with felt, but the magnet wasn't strong enough to work through the thick layers.  The fish were much harder to sew with regular cotton fabric, but they work!

Original inspiration HERE.  Although I really wish I could have made something like THIS.
The arms/legs are elastic, and the gears turn.  The hubby says this looks more like a monster.  What do you think?

And finally, the backs.  I just sewed two pieces of flannel onto the back of my last page.
Peak Hour Cars

and some of my last bits of Letters

I attached the pages by sewing them together back to back and then punching holes in them (HARD to do through three layers of flannel!) for a ribbon tie.

We've tried these out a few times and so far they are working nicely!  The boys seem to like the name pages and the house pages the best.  Thanks for visiting!