Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY: March Gardening!

I love when winter is finally over and spring is here! It is finally warm enough to go outside and to see new live starting to happen is one of my favorite times of the year

I am trying to get my yard back into the swing of things after this long winter so I was looking for some tips. 

Here is a list I found that is very helpful to me! It is meant for northern Utah, but I'm sure it can be used in many places!

Tips to Get You Going!
  • Start warm season plants indoors for transplanting in May. 
  • Clean up the yard on days when the weather is nice.  
  • Work organic material into annual beds as soon as they are dry enough. 
  • Plant hardy vegetables (peas, onions, radishes, spinach, broccoli, turnips, rhubarb). 
  • Plant bare-root plants (strawberries, raspberries, fruit trees, roses).
  • Purchase an herbicide to prevent crabgrass and spurge to apply the first of April. 
  • Consider applying a lawn pre-emergent earlier to areas next to sidewalks and driveways where it warms and breaks dormancy sooner.
  • Attend pruning classes for roses, fruit trees, trees and shrubs.
  • Prune fruit trees, raspberries, grapes and ornamental's that need it. 
  • Apply dormant oil to all fruit trees as soon as the buds swell and the first tip of color appears. Include an insecticide with the oil if desired. 
  • Prune roses after the buds break and there is 1 to 2 inches of growth. 
  • Clean up perennials by removing last years' dead material and transplant or divide those that are overgrown. 
  • Plant pansies and primrose for color in the garden, if you didn't plant them last fall.