Friday, March 22, 2013

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So a little about me, I have always loved being active, whether it be spin class, dance, kick boxing or just simply working out at a gym. I was a Golds Gym member for 6+ years and I loved it, although, leaving the gym I would feel like I could have pushed myself harder. I didn’t know much about lifting weights and felt out of place staring into a mirror not knowing what, or how to lift, with all these bulky men around me. I used that as an excuse to not try new things, therefore, I stuck to my normal workout routine of cardio then using some weight machines. I kept getting frustrated with myself not seeing the results I wanted fast enough.

When I was pregnant with my baby, Jett, I had a hard time making it to the gym due to feeling sick and tired all the time, so I put on some good weight during pregnancy. This was extremely frustrating because I have never been “overweight” my entire life, I have always been average weight for my height. So I knew after I had him things had to change. I went to Golds Gym 5-6 days a week consistently for 8-9 months, and while there was some change happening, the progress was just too slow for me. When I heard from my husband how incredible crossfit was, I finally gave in and went to try it out for the free week (secretly in my mind I knew I was going to be addicted before I even stepped foot in the gym). Day one of crossfit literally about killed me and I couldn’t straighten my arms after the first week, which basically means I fell in love with it. The atmosphere was so different from just any other gym, everyone was excited to be there and everyone was encouraging those around them to give it their all. The thing I loved most was, the person who finished the workout last was just as important as the person who finished it first. Everyone is working on their own personal goals and trying to break their own personal records, all while having a good time with everyone around them.

Within my first 3 months I lost 9lbs and a total body inch loss of 13 inches, I feel amazing about my results so far knowing that I haven’t just been “losing weight” I have been building muscle. I feel strong and energized and I look forward to going to the gym everyday, with Crossfit Hyperion to thank for it. Bruce, Trevor, and all the other trainers are extremely knowledgeable and so much fun to be around. The atmosphere that they have created at Crossfit Hyperion is amazing, we are all like a big family, kickin butt and having a good time. Crossfit has definitely changed my life and I know anyone who tries it will fall in love.

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