Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nursery Alphabet Wall!

I finally finished my Nursery Alphabet Wall! 
This is a cheap and easy craft you can do for your own child's wall! 

All I did to make this was collect letters.
Most all of them I found at thrift stores for fifty cents. 
The few I couldn't find I would buy with a coupon somewhere. (I tried to find a lot of different shapes and sizes to give it more character)

I painted all the letters the same color (just with spray paint) then I picked out a bunch of paper in my scrapbook paper collection plus just used leftover scraps I had.

I traced and cut the letters then used Modge Podge to apply the paper on.

After the Modge Podge dried, I covered them with it also so it would have a glossy finish to it.

Done! And I love it!