Saturday, June 8, 2013

DIY: How to Make Pillow Covers! Cover the Outdated Pillows and Make them Brand new Again!

I love to create and I love to sew!
I am going to share my new creation that took about 
ten minutes to make -tops!
I've had my pillows on my couches for a couple years so they are looking a little aged - more like out of style. So I wanted to revamp.
Instead of buying new pillows I wanted to spend about 1/5 of the cost.

I made two of these for $6.00! 
Make sure you take a coupon and it is cheaper. 
JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby usually have great 40% off coupons online.

Also, on the pillows I didn't want to go 100% cotton because of the visual look. With these I used the canvas type material for home decor.

Here is the How To Make pillow covers for a NEW look! Hope you enjoy

For an 18 x 18 inch size Pillow
1 yd of fabric
Sewing Supplies and your machine

1. Cut out 2 18 1/2  x 18 1/2 inch squares. (These will be your fronts)

2. Cut out 2 rectangles that measure 18 1/2 inches x 22 1/2 inches. (These will be your backs)

3. On the 2 that have the longer sides cut them in half.

4. Now roll over one edge on each cut half and pin. Since you cut these in half you should now have 4 pieces. Pin all four of these each on one side. Sew down these edges and set them aside. (This will be where they overlap on back to get the pillow in)

5. Grab you 2 squares pieces that you cut out first and lay them so the wrong side is on the table. 

6. Now you should have 4 extra pieces that each have one side turned over and sewn. 2 of each go with one square. Lay 2 of them on the first square right side down so the right sides of the top and bottom are touching. The two back pieces should overlap just and inch or two.

7. Pin all around the sides of your now newly made 2 layered square.

8. Sew all the way around. Trim the corners off. Turn it inside out. Iron and you are finished!!

 Place them on your pillows and enjoy the newness!!

Before    and     After